Harry potter stops caring fanfiction

Harry Potter. Green eyes, black unruly hair, lightning bolt scar across his forehead. Everyone knew about Harry Potter. How he lived, how he grew up, who he was and what he'd done for the magical world.

Everyone knew about Daniel Charlus Potter.

Everyone knew about his red hair, brown eyes, odd scar across his forehead in the vaguest shape of a lightning bolt. They knew who he was, what he did for the magical world, how he lived and how he grew up. Of course they would, Daniel was the Boy Who Lived. Daniel was the one who strutted around Diagon Alley, giving smug smirks and shaking hands while his parents catered to his every whim. No one knew he and Harry were attacked at the same time, that Voldemort sought to destroy them both in the hopes it would cancel out the prophecy foretold his demise.

Assumed that Daniel's new scar was special because it was bleeding when they woke up and found him, whereas Harry's was faint, almost invisible.

Assumed the vague shape of a lightning bolt meant Daniel's scar was something important. Of course, they're assumptions were mirrored by their close friend and mentor, Albus Dumbledore, so they assumed they were right. Albus Dumbledore was never wrong after all. However, regardless of all that, no one really knew what happened that night, as everyone who might have seen it had been knocked unconscious. Oh they were injured, but it seemed Voldemort wanted to gloat about killing the children before killing the adults.

harry potter stops caring fanfiction

Only the young twins knew what really happened, and of course it was silly to think that one year olds had any way of telling their story. Certainly when Daniel was asked all he could remember was a green light. So assumptions were made, and suggestions were listened to, and it all led to one twin being sent away, while the other was spoiled rotten and treated as a celebrity by his adoring fans.

As for Harry, he wound up going to Lily's sister Petunia. And her husband Vernon. They, alongside their son Dudley, made it quite clear over the next nine or so years that they held no love for magic, or the Potters, or Harry. At first Harry tried to make a good impression, tried to be a good boy and not get in the way, to do as he was told and make his relatives happy. Tried to make sense of why he'd been sent away while his brother got to stay with their parents.

But eventually he realised no matter what he did it would never be enough. Vernon would beat him, Petunia would scream at him, and Dudley would bully him. He would be crammed into his tiny cupboard, left to rot, it didn't matter what he did. What did it matter how well or how badly he did in school? What did it matter if he was polite or a brat?

What did it matter if the ones he once called parents ever came back for him? But just because he didn't care, didn't mean Harry forgot. Oh no. Harry remembered everything, from the moment Voldemort barged into his and Daniel's shared nursery, to the moment he was dumped on the Dursley's doorstep with nothing but a note and a blanket. But, regardless of whether he remembered or not, ten, almost eleven year old Harry, at this point, didn't even care if he lived or died.I own nothing except the idea for the story.

Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. I just like to play with the characters. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. They had their fights and arguments since they met and became friends, he had expected that, but not the way Ron was acting now.

One thing that Harry realised though was it was usually him that had to make up to Ron. Harry also realise that Ron acted like a spoiled child. It was like he watched his sibling be given a treat and he wasn't so he chucked a tantrum. But Harry also knew that Ron was a bit of a bully and Harry hated bullies. Because of the way the Dursley's had treated him, bullied him, it made Harry aware of others that bullied, he also could tell who got bullied.

Harry had stood with his wand in hand and made a magical oath to sever all ties with the Weasley family apart from Fred and George. He also added to that oath by announcing that he will never again have anything to do with Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. He made sure to add that none of them could come near him, they couldn't even write to him. When the light flashed around the Gryffindor common room most people had been stunned or shocked.

Harry just glared before he walked off. A few students actually hurried away, to tell their head of house what just happened. Harry thought about what he done, but he felt better than he ever did especially in regards to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. The bullying from students was bad enough, but to be continuously bullied by a member of staff is the main reason why he lost all respect for Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

Neither of them stopped Severus Snape from bullying students. To Harry, Snape was a coward, he picked on children and not anyone who could fight back and the headmaster and deputy head stood back and let it happen.

The following day Harry had seen the magical oath take affect when Ginny tried to approach him, she was flung away from him until they hit the wall. She ended up in a heap on the floor.

Ron tried to have a go at Harry until the oath took effect, he ended up unconscious. Everyone finally realised just how serious Harry Potter's oath was.

Harry stared down at Ginny and called the life debt she owed. He made sure she knew that she could never have anything to do with him even through a third party, if she did she would die. It was right then that Ginny realised how dangerous Harry Potter was. She could see it in his eyes, he would make sure she died if she ever tried to go near him again, even if she tried to send him a letter, she could end up dead.

Over the next few days Harry did a lot of thinking, he could now since he wasn't being harassed by a Weasley, Granger, McGonagall or Dumbledore. He thought being at Hogwarts would be better than staying with the Dursley's, and in some ways it was.This is kind of a crack-fic. It started out semi-serious, but around chapter 5 I just kind of gave up, and by the end it's completely off the wall silly. I left plenty of room for a sequel someday, so some minor plot points aren't resolved.

If you don't like silly or stupid humor, you might not like this.

Top 10 Harry Potter Funniest Bloopers

If you do, it careens off the wall, crashes into the fourth wall, bounces back off, and finally settles down in a chaise lounge with a nice vodka. You've been warned. The first five chapters are very different in tone than the last five. That said, there are a few utterly unique things in this story - you will not see them anywhere else, and if you do, I came up with them.

I hope they are to your liking. Feel free to use them. Give credit if you can. Harry walked out, shaking just a little, into the stadium, where all of his classmates — friends and enemies alike, though it seemed that there were more enemies than friends — were sitting watching him about to go to his certain death watching a dragon he wasn't prepared to face. The dragon sat there, huffing, steam coming out of its huge nostrils — but there was also a As Harry walked closer, in a haze of fear, he thought about how he got to this place.

He was sent to live with his relatives, the Dursleys, who hated him and all aspects of magic. No one came to check on him for years, even though the letters were address to the "cupboard under the stairs" - hadn't anyone seen that? And then every year at Hogwarts, he was faced with almost certain death, managing to escape it mostly by the skin of his teeth, and as McGonagle would say, sheer dumb luck. And now he was in a contest that he was entered into against his will, being three years too young, and everyone who he thought was with him was now his declared enemy.

He could even see the blinking "Potter Stinks" badges from where he was standing. Something snapped inside him. He no longer cared if he won, he no longer cared if he played, he no longer cared if he defeated Voldemort, he no longer cared if he kept his magic, he no longer even cared if he lived.

And he stopped where he was, about fifty yards from the dragon, and he sat down. The crowd started to murmur, the Slytherins especially booing and throwing things over the bleachers at him. The Goblet of Fire was a powerful magical artifact. So powerful, in fact, that it had gained a small degree of sentience, after it had had its fill and more of the ambient magic of Hogwarts and more kept coming.

It was aware of how Harry had come to be entered into the tournament, and because of the magical binding with Harry, it knew how Harry felt about fulfilling the contract.Disclaimer: It has been said that no one truly owns anything. But that was obviously not stated by a lawyer.

Harry Potter Stops Caring Fanfiction

Consequently, I do not own the HP universe, and make no claims to any of the characters or original situations created by Joanne K Rowling, and as assigned to various publishers and film companies. This is a work of fanfiction and no remuneration is expected or being received. See, I can use lawyer speak, though it greatly distresses me to do so. Nods from the fuzzy old author: Thanks to Tommy for Brit-picking and betaing, and to Mike for being my sounding board and other beta.

Dumbledore started speaking, giving some sort of inane instructions and platitudes, which Harry wasn't really listening to.

harry potter stops caring fanfiction

That was Hermione's thing, listening to speeches. His thoughts were on whether he could get a date with Chang, whether it was worth the effort, or if he should just do the smart, if somewhat easier, thing and ask out Hermione, who was truly his best friend. He'd heard that best friends make the best couples.

His distracted thinking meant he did not notice what was going on until the Great Hall suddenly got very quiet. Dumbledore's voice sounded rather exasperated as he called, apparently for the second time, if Harry's subconscious was correct, "Harry Potter! Hermione elbowed said young wizard in the ribs.

Harry looked up and saw the flames dying down in the goblet, then slowly flickering out. The big furry bloke with the flamboyant robes and, at present, not-so-twinkly eyes was staring down his crooked nose over those stupid half glasses he never seemed to take off. In point of fact he was, as was everyone else in the hall, staring at Harry in anticipation. He was also holding a slightly charred bit of parchment.

Harry looked at Hermione and asked, "Didn't they already call for three champions? I mean, I may have been spacing for a bit there, but I could have sworn they called Diggory for Hogwarts. It seemed, however, Ron knew exactly what to say, although the crap that came out of his mouth was not wholly unexpected.

Stupid, immature, vengeful, inappropriate? He hissed, as if as mad as he'd ever been, "How the hell could you do that to me Harry. How the bloody hell could you enter and not tell me, your best mate, what the fuck you were doing. Some damn best mate, you slimy arsehole. I hope you get stung by a Manticore! It still seemed Hermione wasn't going to be any help at all. Her mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. Harry wondered for a moment if someone had cast a silencing charm on her.

Er, forgive me for saying so, sir, but that cannot be possible since I did not put my name into the Goblet. Harry looked at the barmy old codger, dumbfounded. After a moment of thought, he finally was able to say, "Let me get this straight, sir. I didn't put my name in the Goblet, which means someone else did, and then managed to make your supposedly infallible and impartial ancient artefact believe there are four schools in a three school tournament.Harry suspects Teddy might know about his crush on Draco.

I doubt that Lily Potter was as perfect as you think. Magic and spells. See more ideas about Harry potter, Harry, Potter. Goodness knows I wish I would. Deal with it, or deny it, either way, they must come to grips with reality, and by the time they do, it will already be a long way past midnight.

Rowling writes in Harry. Dream Snatchers Fanfic written on June 5, by Rihaan. I never read fem Harry Potter parents return stories so I decided to write one Charlotte potter fem Harry hasn't had an easy life. However they deny any signs of ever admiring each other. It is time to for him to reveal himself to the world and let both the dark and light side quail at his sight and wonder when everything changed.

James:The Willow won't stop spanking him. See more ideas about Harry potter universal, Harry potter fandom and Harry potter. Everyone knew about Harry Potter. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. B onnie Wright rarely gives interviews. Severus and Harry are in for quite the unconventional year, full of heartbreaks, unexpected allies, and revelations. By: duskglow. Not nessicarily evil d. He thinks she's the most beautiful girl ever and falls for her, only there are 2 problems.

Loosing her parents, living with her abusive aunt and uncle, and having to deal with her friend's arguments is only charlotte fem femharry hogwarts jamesandlily. Here's my sorting hat quiz - try it now and find out which house you'd be in!. Description: Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort. Harry had stopped caring what anyone thought of him, especially the teachers.

Ember Rowle and Harry Potter were enemies and polar opposites. Nobody really knows how it. Harry Potter. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Please message me with recommendations or to join staff. Remus:Kind of stuck where, James? James:Well, it was going well and then- Remus:Kind of stuck where. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular and important book series in modern history. Harry simply raised his hand to stop the elf, "it's nothing to worry about Dobby, I'm just sorry I yelled at you for the bludger.

Like, if after fifth year, Harry declines Dumbledores offer to have lessons, throws the Order's words back in his face "I'm too young to be involved in anyway, sorry" and just general things where he stops caring about Voldemort. To a lesser extent, for caring for each other, Harry and Fei.

AU from before this starts - Sirius didn't die, but Harry still learnt the prophecy. Harry Edward Styles born 1 February is an English singer, songwriter and actor. In most fan fiction stories she is a smart as a whip, cheeky redhead with a fiery temper, with a tendency of over-analysing stuff and a love-hate relationship with James Potter. I love reading reviews because they give me inspiration but I can't view them.Harry entered the room, after leaving Hermione behind at the potion trial.

He sat down on the floor and watched Quirrell having an internal debate with whomever. He didn't want to be down here at all, but if it worked out, it would be worth it. He should have known the brat would appear to try and stop him. Gryffindors, what idiots. He wasn't sure if this part of the castle was ever used normally, but it certainly had some big rooms.

Why wait until the end of the year? I mean if three first-years could get through all those traps, you should be had no problem. It's not like you didn't know the location after Halloween. By the way, next time try and be a bit more creative than a troll and fainting.

He couldn't be to upset about the truth about the troll.

Voldemort had warned him about doing the fainting bit. He wanted Quirrell to issue the warning but pretend to go and look for the troll. He mentally heard the words "I told you so. It actually started even before I got here.

He sent Hagrid to pick me up, and Hagrid was getting the stone that day, and that man can't keep a secret. I think he used that to "let it out" shall we say. Honestly, I was even surprised how long it took the "brightest witch of our generation" to figure out the answers. I had to actually give hints a few times in which direction to go in. I even left the stupid Chocolate Frog card where Weasley could see it. Waste of brain cells.

He could feel Voldemort processing this information and wonder what was going on with the Boy-Who-Lived. The key to getting the stone is simple. Just have no desire to use it.

He moved back to the center of the room. He watched Quirrell unwrap his turban. Quirrell turned, Harry hid a smirk as he looked at the face on the back of Quirrell's head.

He never wanted to see that look on anyone again. It was a bit sickening. Weird what someone was willing to do in regards to magic.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. However, he is rescued and taken in by our favorite, faceless entity in a suit; Slenderman. How will Hogwarts deal with a corrupted Harry Potter? Harry Potter x Creepypastas. Teen for general Creepypasta goodness and language. Manipulative Dumbledore and Weasley Bashing. Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus by DWDuck reviews With the love of a good woman, Harry becomes more confident and learns to handle the embarrassment that comes from being a teenage boy as well as an unexpected animagus.

Set during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Severe Ron bashing ahead. Blind Love by misteeirene reviews Wrong boy who Lived. Dumbledore declared Harry a squib and so he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle.

What will everyone do when they find out that Harry is the true prophecy child? What condition will the Order find Harry in when they finally locate him. Little Harry Potter knew from the moment he defied the laws of gravity and made a pebble accelerate at a freefall of 8. In which Harry goes to Hogwarts, Dumbledore begins to realise the magnitude of his error, and Vahan sets about making friends and influencing people.

Relief from Nightmares by ArielSakura reviews When Harry's nightmares become to much, he seeks solace in a most unexpected place Silence is Silver by Alphinss reviews Harry is abandoned by his parents at the tender age of one in favour of his brother, the boy who lived.

Raised at the Dursley's Harry has not spoken a word since his parents left him.

harry potter stops caring fanfiction

What will happen when a mute and damaged Harry goes to Hogwarts? Vahan by TheCauldron reviews Dumbledore thinks he will rescue Harry from his terrible family, setting himself up as Harry's mentor. Unfortunately for him, somebody else got there first. Here is a Harry who knows how to think and reason. Really Bash! Non-Compliant or Just How Angry Was He by Lil Nezumi reviews Just how angry was he that his life was not his own, that his future had been irrevocably mapped out and that he was being forced into an unloved machination of a marriage.

Well he was angry enough to do the ritual, cast the spell and let his body die

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