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Most of the time I manipulate and analyze data with NCLwhich has this really great function, addfilesthat concatenates a variables across hundreds of files. At that point I was getting a segmentation fault because there were too many files! Notice here that the order matters. Now, to get what we really want.

I am running into the same problem Too many input files. Did you find a way to do it in one step? Also, what would be a similar code in NCL, maybe I should switch to that program? You would have to write a script to load the data and calculate the average or plot it, similar to what you would do with matlab or python. I use python a lot, but not for working with NetCDF files. The other thing to consider is that it might be worth it to just use multiple steps and write to a temporary output file.

This would avoid having to learn a new language. Thank you very much, I was really struggling with an out of memory problem in matlab when trying to extract a variable. To concatenate many files you use either cat as you said or also a mergetime command to merge many netcdf files in one.

I have a question concerning how to calculate the mean temperature from a netcdf file only in the land because with matlab when I put mean Tit calculates the mean in the whole region so in the sea and land so I do not a good agreement with observations. Glad I could help! I usually work with yearly data files of sub-daily data.

I also create yearly files of monthly means for when I need a long-term average. NC file. Thanks and I am sorry for any disturbance. I kinda doubt that would work, but worth a try I suppose. Otherwise I would try building a netcdf4 library. If you use Linux then you can get it through the package manager. I have a netcdf file T time,lat,lon I need to compute mean T over a specific region my country using CDO, did you have an idea on how to make a mask region? I worked before with ncview when building my netcdf files with WRF simulations and it was really a good tool for quick check, but now I am using cordex datasets so I download netcdf files directly through the website, in this case, some netcdf files from one website medcordex it works fine however from another website which is eurocordex it does not work neither for CDO nor for ncview.The Climate Data Operators CDO software is a collection of many operators for standard processing of climate and forecast model data.

The operators include simple statistical and arithmetic functions, data selection and subsampling tools, and spatial interpolation. That means all time steps need to have the same variables, and within a time step each variable may occur only once. NetCDF datasets are only supported for the classic data model and arrays up to 4 dimensions. These dimensions should only be used by the horizontal and vertical grid and the time. To display all command line options of cdo, type cdo -h and to get an overview of all operators with a short description, type cdo --operators.

First, before you start to work with your data you should have a closer look at it to know which variables are stored, what the grid looks like, and not to forget to see which global, variable and dimension attributes are defined. With the 'cdo info' command you can see the timesteps, levels, minimum, maximum, averages and missing values.

The name of a variable and its attributes metadata can be modified with some CDO operators like chname, chcode, or setattribute. To change the name of a variable from temp to t2m cdo -chname,temp,t2m infile outfile. To change the code number 98 to and the code number 99 to cdo -chcode,98,99, infile outfile. The setattribute operator accepts more than one attribute and it supports wildcards, e.

If you want to rename a coordinate variable so that it remains a coordinate variable, you must separately rename both the dimension and the variable. All operators with one output stream can pipe the result directly to another operator. The operator must begin with "-" in order to combine with others. This can improve the performance by:. The expr opertor is propablely a rarely used but so much more usefull tool. Its purpose is to compute complex math operation pointwise on arbitrary fields.

Let height. To compute or select parts of your data and save it to a new file, e. We already saw some of the selecting capabilities of CDO like seltimestep or selname.

The select operator selects some fields from input files and write it to an output file e. The delete. Assume you have 3 input files. Each input file contains the same variables for a different time period. Sometimes you need to set or change the missing value of a variable, or change NaNs to missing value. Set missing value to a constant value, e. Set constant value e.

Set NaN to missing value and change the missing value to In the contrib subdirectory of the official release are configuration files for using autocompletion with bash, zsh and tcsh. For activation you have to let you shell read the corresponding file, e. Please have a look at cdo. In the following example, a horizontal interpolation is performed on a large input file with many variables. For speed up the input is splitted by variable name and each variable is processed in parallel. Computation is now limited by IO-performance only, so this is most efficiently done using a ramdisk.

In this example, the parallelism is implemented via an additional Ruby module JobQueue github. It is a queue-like wrapper around the built-in multithreading. For python, the modules multiprocessing or threading can be used. To interpolate your data from an existing horizontal field to a finer or coarse grid or another grid type CDO provides a set of operators starting with remap.Climate Data Operator Version 1.

The Climate Data Operator CDO software is a collection of many operators for standard processing of climate and forecast model data. The operators include simple statistical and arithmetic functions, data selection and subsampling tools, and spatial interpolation. To take full advantage of CDO features the following additional libraries should be installed:. CDO is a multi-threaded application. Therefor all the above libraries should be compiled thread safe. Using non-threadsafe libraries could cause unexpected errors!

The program should compile without problems and the binary cdo should be available in the src directory of the distribution. After the compilation of the source code do a make installpossibly as root if the destination permissions require that. Alternatively, you can also copy the binary from the src directory manually to some bin directory in your search path. This section descibes how to use CDO.

The syntax is:. All options have to be placed before the first operator. The following options are available for all operators:. There are some environment variables which influence the behavior of CDO. An incomplete list can be found in Appendix A. There are more than operators available. A detailed description of all operators can be found in the Reference Manual section. All operators with a fixed number of input streams and one output stream can pipe the result directly to an other operator.

The operator must begin with "—", in order to combine it with others. This can improve the performance by:. All operators with one input stream will process only one input stream! You need to take care when mixing those operators with an operator with an arbitrary number of input streams.

The following examples illustrate this problem. All three examples produce identical results.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

I expect that the package should also work on Windows and MacOS, but please note that it is untested there - caveat emptor. It helps to be familar with these various tools - the documentation for both is excellent, so I suggest making sure you're familar with that.

This behaviour can be overwritten using the debug option, which compiles the command but does not run it e. CDO commands are then built up as command line arguments. You can always see the command that has been built up without running it using the debug command.

These can be built quickly and easily using the csl and ssl commands respectively. Putting this together makes for a more realistic CDO command:. Questions, queries, comments or theories are always welcome via the GitHub repository. Push-requests are especially welcome! We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.

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CDO: Extracting a variable across several files

Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Git stats 5 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. ClimateOperators by Mark R. Here are some basic examples to get you started. Putting this together makes for a more realistic CDO command: in. Releases No releases published. Packages 0 No packages published.Apart from that CDO can be used to analyse any kind of gridded data not related to climate science.

CDO has very small memory requirements and can process files larger than the physical memory. Full documentation is available as pdf and html.

There is no man-page since operator descriptions are built into the interpreter: cdo -h [operator]. We encourage users to use both Forums and Issues tracking system. If you are not sure about using Forums or Issues list, use the Forums first especially the Support list. To see if there is already an answer to your question you can search in the FAQthe Forums and Issues lists and the internet.

Thus it is possible to use CDO similarly on general purpose PCs and unix-based high performance clusters. In case of HPC, it is quite common to install software via source code compilation, because theses machines tend to be highly tuned beasts.

Special libraries, special compilers, special directories make binary software delivery simply useless even if operating systems support package management systems like rpm e. That's why CDO uses a customisable building process with autoconf and automake. For more commonly used Unix systems, some progress have been made to ease installation of CDO.

Further information can be found here:. CDO is distributed as source code - it has to be compiled and installed by the user. Please download the current release from here. For high portability CDO is built with autotools. After unpacking the archive, check all configure options with. Most important options are described in the manual. Some functionality e. If you need to install those libaries too, you may consider using libs4cdoa preconfigured package which contains all external functionality for CDO.

Netcdf4 is based on the hdf5 libary library, which can be build thread-safe or non -thread-safe. Depending on this, concurrent IO on netcdf4 files like in operator chains may lead to segmentation faults in the underlying hdf5 library.

Please add it to the CDO calls accordingly! CDO is a multi-threaded application. When chaining operators possibly all operators are running in parallel on different threads. Therefor all external libraries should be compiled thread safe. Using non-threadsafe libraries could cause unexpected errors! If you compile CDO yourself, you can check this by running make check Usually the test called tsformat. The runtime errors could vary for different runs.

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Part 4- Climate Data Operators (CDO) Demonstration

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Sequence AnalysisBLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)BLAST (Stand-alone)BLAST Link (BLink)Conserved Domain Search Service (CD Search)Genome ProtMapGenome WorkbenchInfluenza VirusPrimer-BLASTProSplignSplignAll Sequence Analysis Resources.

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CDO Examples

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